Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Wishes to an Angel

My dear Angel in heaven... Happy Birthday!  As of July 29,2012 you turned 1 year old.  It is hard for me to fathom that a full year has gone by since you entered thru the pearly gates with St. Peter leading you to God.  Not a day goes by since the moment we learned of your sudden departure from our lives that I think about what milestones you would be achieving now.

I wonder if you would be walking already so that you could keep up with you big brother and sister.  I wonder how much babbling you would be doing.  I wonder what secret language you and your brother and sister would be creating. I wonder how you three would be playing with each other.

There will be a lifetime of wonders and what ifs, but thanks to your bravery I will have a lifetime of memories with your daddy, big sister Sophia, and big brother James.  It is because of your bravery that I have taken the step to create my website selling items I have crafted.  While I craft, I feel your presence, so your essence is going into every piece created.

Your birthday was well celebrated.  Your grandparents (my parents) came the day before for a week long visit.  Your sister welcomed their arrival to your aunt's (my sister) place.  Your brother and I had some check ups at the hospital, but the day after that we joined your sister and grandparents in on the fun. 

Your first birthday was on a Sunday.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  There was a slight breeze.  Daddy, James, & I went to a favorite park in Poulsbo where a balloon was released at your exact time of birth.  At the same moment a NAVY Blue Angel F16 fighter jet also flew over the park.  It was also the beginning of a favorite time around Seattle - Seafair.  Your balloon decided to stay in the trees for a little while before starting the journey to you in heaven.  Daddy went to check to see if "you" were still hanging around in the trees on the day that your brother and I went to your aunt's house.  You had begun your journey home already by then. 

In our family it is tradition to have noodles for a birthday to signify a long life.  So with that in mind, we went to dinner and had noodles for you.  Meanwhile, in Bellevue, the rest of your family went to Mass, lit a candle for you, celebrated with food, and your sister picked out a single serving of a carrot cake and blew the candle for you.  Even now she is still saying happy birthday to you. :)  She may never have gotten to know you like she does James, but she does miss you.  We all do and always will.

Last week when your sister, brother, & I finally returned home we picked up daddy and had dinner.  Then we went to the store and your sister picked out some balloons she wanted to send to you.  She was so proud at that moment of selecting just the right one for her to send to you.  It was definitely a perfect way to celebrate your short, but brave life.

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  1. So precious. I think it's perfect they way you chose to celebrate.