Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Long time coming......

So this post has been a long time coming since the last one. So much has happened in that time that I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know what my last post was about. I just know it has been over 2 years.
      In that 2 years, both my children are in full time school. My son, James just finished first grade and is reading at a 5th grade level. My daughter, Sophia finished 2nd grade and is reading at a middle 3rd grade level. I am so proud of these two and their many accomplishments. They are so smart and talented and I love them to infinity and beyond.
     Our Angel would have finished kindergarten this year as well. I can't help but wonder what he would have been like and what accomplishments he would have made in kindergarten. With that said, I know he attended the best kindergarten there is with God, Jesus, and all our family who have gone before us. AJ has the best teachers there are for a Heavenly school.
In the two years that have passed, I have gotten a job at my children's school working with special needs kids (kids on the autism spectrum). That was an eye opener for sure, but I love it. My job was temporary until recently, which is really awesome. I have written up a few knitting patterns and actually have for sale at a local yarn shop and also online. I am also the school's PTSA president. I was the VP last year. It seems a little overwhelming, but I know I will have lots of help along the way. There are some things I am super excited to try and implement. Perhaps I will blog about that. My first year as a President of an organization.
     There has been some sad stuff that happened in the two years. My mom was diagnosed with the C word in 2015, but thankfully through treatment, she is doing well and in remission. However, 1 kidney has been severely effected, to the point of having to do hemodialysis. Thankfully, my dad is a physician and they were able to do it at home. AJ is definitely watching over his Lo-mi and Lo-Day.
In October 2016, my sister, her fiancé, my kids and I, took a road trip to South Dakota to see my parents. All they knew was my sister and her fiancé were coming. My kids and I were a total surprise. I haven't been back to Eureka since Sophia was only 4 months old and now (at the time of the trip) she was 7 years old. It was a great surprise. My dad's reaction was the best. So glad I got to record it.
     Now we are half way through the year again. I swear it seems as though time goes much faster the older I get. I can't guarantee I will be blogging on the regular, but I really should try. I can't guarantee anyone will read my ramblings, but at least it is a place for me to get the many thoughts out of my head. Perhaps I may end up sticking to old school journaling and find a really good pen and journal to start my ramblings. Until then..... Enjoy summer.

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